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AS400/iSeries System i/IBM i modernization specialists

We believe in the power of IBM i

Thousands of organizations have worked with us to deliver excellent user experience. Whether you're thinking about modernization with refacing, integrating, mobilizing, extending or developing new IBM i applications, we have the experience and dedication to guarantee your success.

looksoftware is a Fresche Solutions company which means you have a one-stop modernization partner who can offer complete end to end application management and modernization solutions for all your IBM i needs.

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Application Modernization

Since 1995, we have helped thousands of customers to modernize AS400, iSeries, System i and IBM i 5250 applications.  Our solutions include graphical user interfaces (GUIs) for RPG, COBOL, and third party applications, as well as desktop and enterprise integration, web service publishing & consumption, and workflow enhancement. Our easy-to-use toolset enables developers to complete large projects with a little training, or to use looksoftware's in-house application modernization services to transform their legacy apps for them.

Application Development

The release of IBM RPG Open Access has ensured the platform's much loved programming language has a bright future.  RPG can now be viewed as a first class web development language in its own right, enabling developers to control native graphical interfaces directly from the RPG code.  So where retrospective application modernization was previously the only option for delivering a modern look & feel with enhanced functionality, this can all now be coded natively.

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