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All the power of RPG, without the constraints of 5250.

Openlook for RPG OA enables native RPG code (minus the 5250) to connect with modern devices, platforms and applications — including cloud-based technologies.

It enables RPG developers to create multiple UIs using a single handler and it enables blending RPG OA code with existing 5250 applications to ensure a strategic path that includes modernization and extension. Openlook eliminates the need to work with the 5250 data stream, enabling multi-channel UXs to be created directly from the RPG code, via the Openlook handler.

IBM i application modernization made easy with newlook 

Key Product Features:

Multi-channel GUIs delivered from a single RPG program Single handler provides multi-channel access
Separates business logic from user interface OA and non-OA code in the same UI and session
Automates RPG OA enablement of existing RPG code System displays + RPG displays in the same session
Creates native modern front and back-end environments Built-in drag-and-drop designer for easily creation of UX for new RPG OA functionality

Maximize the value of your existing application investments and secure the long-term future of your systems with a clearly defined path forward on IBM i.

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  • Blend New & Old
  • Developer Object Control
  • Multichannel
  • Open Standards
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